Have an event coming up? Buy-the-Box is perfect for plays, recitals, sports tournaments, charity walks, Teacher Appreciation and more. Simply order wholesale flowers, set your price, and sell them at your gathering.

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In this step, you fill out basic information about you and your organization.



Choose your delivery date, select your flowers and checkout.



Receive your flowers directly from our growers and sell away.

Saying “thanks” with flowers Saying “thanks” with flowers

Saying “thanks” with flowers

The senior class wanted a colorful and creative way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

They purchased boxes of roses, peonies and sunflowers and then sold individual stems to students from all grades to give to their teachers throughout the day.

The results were beautiful! At dismissal, the teachers had gorgeous bouquets to adorn their classrooms and extras to bring home. The school was filled with smiles and the money raised helped fund the prom and senior dance.

Try the Profit Estimator to see how much you could make!
Try the Profit Estimator to see how much you could make!

Curtain call

At the community theater, opening night of a new production is tomorrow. The excitement is palpable, though the actors and stagehands are a bit nervous. Who can blame them?

Friends and family love to give flowers to the cast, but the theater director knows that sometimes attendees forget to bring flowers.

So, she ordered lovely bouquets to be sold during intermission. Money raised will help fund the next production – and the theater will continue to entertain residents in the community for yet another season!

Ready to start fundraising?

Ready to start fundraising?


What is unique about fundraising with Crayola Flowers?

A better question is, what’s not unique about fundraising with Crayola Flowers? Crayola Flowers is the first, and only, national flower fundraiser. We’re blazing new trails and we are keenly focused on raising funds and awareness for great causes.

We’ve put a lot of thought into building a platform that's simple and secure. We’ve also developed very useful Cool Tools to help organizations create and manage fundraisers to achieve maximum success.

We offer three different ways to fundraise. Please check out the Our Fundraisers tab on our home page to learn more.

Who can do a fundraiser? (statement of eligibility)

We have different types of fundraisers. With certain exceptions, any U.S. nonprofit (i.e. association, school, religious institution, sports team) can create its own fundraiser. A corporation (for-profit) can set up an Anytime fundraiser and promote it to employees, if the proceeds are to benefit a nonprofit.

Are there any fees associated with fundraising with Crayola Flowers?

No way! Not only do you keep 100% of the donations made through your fundraisers, but we also absorb the credit card fees charged by the payment processor on every purchase.

Where are flowers delivered and how are they distributed?

All flowers are shipped to the location you choose (typically a school or company) for distribution or sale, and can be delivered to the lower 48 states (sorry AK and HI).

Who can buy flowers to support my fundraiser?

That’s an excellent question and here’s the deal:

These flowers are purchased to sell at an event or performance, so anyone attending can snap them up and support your cause.

How much can my organization earn from a fundraiser?

Since you’ll be purchasing your flowers at wholesale prices and reselling them, your profit will depend on your sale price.


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Anytime Occasion-al Buy-the-Box™
Snapshot Your own customized webshop that’s always open. Anytime someone buys flowers your designated nonprofit earns money. Typically centered around a holiday (e.g. Mother’s Day) or for an objective (e.g. build a new playground). You choose the flowers to sell. Your group purchases flowers and sells them at an event (e.g. dance recital, school performance, street festival).
Eligibility Nonprofits and organizations raising money for nonprofits Only nonprofits Only nonprofits
Number units (bqts) per box One Multiple Multiple
Where are flowers delivered? Everywhere (e.g. residence, business) One location for distribution (e.g. a school) One location (e.g. for sale at a dance recital)
Price We set the price
Range ~ $50-95+
You set the price
Range ~ $20-40+
You set the price
Your “Profit” 10% of flower price Depends on price Sell at your event
How long fundraiser lasts Ongoing/year-round 2-6 weeks. Fundraisers will have specific start, end and delivery dates. By event, typically one day
Set up time 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Distribution time N/A - flowers are shipped directly to recipient Depends on pickup window you set Generally 30 minutes - hour
Payment collection Participants purchase online by credit card. No forms, cash or checks. Participants purchase online by credit card. No forms, cash or checks. You collect payment at your event.