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The ultimate

Delivering more than gorgeous flowers, we’re bringing color and joy to people in the name of the greater good. And, we do it all with the earth and ethics in mind.

Planting the seeds

Mrs. Bloom’s has a 20-year history of supplying superior quality blooms to discerning wholesale flower buyers.

The company desired to give back to the local community through a variety of direct-to-consumer initiatives. A portion of sales from its corporate amenity program and whimsical flower trucks were earmarked for great local nonprofits.

We loved this spirit of giving and this became the impetus of our partnership with the Mrs. Bloom’s team to create Crayola Flowers. Now, anyone who’s passionate about your cause can buy flowers for themselves or for an important person in their life, while raising awareness and funds in the process.

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Growing the garden

We hope to make the world a more beautiful, caring place. That’s why we’re overjoyed to empower nonprofits across the U.S. to do what they do best while bringing more color to peoples' lives.

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Sharing the bounty

We want everyone to enjoy sustainable, farm fresh flowers.

For that reason we only work with growers who provide their employees and families with fair wages, healthcare services, and a safe work environment.

Key grower certifications include Rainforest Alliance™, Florverde®, GLOBALG.A.P., Flor Ecuador, and Eco-Certified.

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Fundraising that makes Sense, Scents, and Cents!

Our fundraisers make "sense" for any nonprofit including schools, scout groups, sports teams, religious institutions, corporate foundations, and more.

We source directly from growers so you get flowers faster and can enjoy their “scents” longer.

And, our experience and connections enable us to lock in lower prices so you can make more “cents” for your organization.

Three ways to raise

Three ways to fundraise

Crayola Flowers has a program to support your unique mission and objectives.

  1. Fundraisers where flowers are available year-round in your very own custom webshop
  2. Holiday and special objective fundraisers (e.g. Mother’s Day, fund a new playground)
  3. Buy-the-Box and sell the flowers at your event

You can run more than one at the same time giving you multiple ways to achieve your fundraising goals.

Our Flowers

We’ve traveled the world to meet farmers and their employees. We’ve seen first-hand how they grow, care for, and harvest their crops. We now have the honor and privilege to offer colorful and fresh flowers to all who are passionate about your organization and cause.

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Questions? We’re here to help. Questions? We’re here to help.

Questions? We’re here to help.