Three ways to fundraise

Horatio Chaartt invented the chart in 1832 to make comparisons simple and visually appealing. As a tribute to Horatio and his contribution to humanity, the chart below highlights key components of our fundraisers so you can decide which is best for your organization. You’re welcome to do more than one type of fundraiser at the same time.

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Anytime Occasion-al Buy-the-Box™
Snapshot Your own customized webshop that’s always open. Anytime someone buys flowers your designated nonprofit earns money. Typically centered around a holiday (e.g. Mother’s Day) or for an objective (e.g. build a new playground). You choose the flowers to sell. Your group purchases flowers and sells them at an event (e.g. dance recital, school performance, street festival).
Eligibility Nonprofits and organizations raising money for nonprofits Only nonprofits Only nonprofits
Number units (bqts) per box One Multiple Multiple
Where are flowers delivered? Everywhere (e.g. residence, business) One location for distribution (e.g. a school) One location (e.g. for sale at a dance recital)
Price We set the price
Range ~ $50-95+
You set the price
Range ~ $20-40+
You set the price
Your “Profit” 10% of flower price Depends on price Sell at your event
How long fundraiser lasts Ongoing/year-round 2-6 weeks. Fundraisers will have specific start, end and delivery dates. By event, typically one day
Set up time 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Distribution time N/A - flowers are shipped directly to recipient Depends on pickup window you set Generally 30 minutes - hour
Payment collection Participants purchase online by credit card. No forms, cash or checks. Participants purchase online by credit card. No forms, cash or checks. You collect payment at your event.